The pessimist expects a diet to fail

The optimist hopes a diet will work

The realist adjusts their lifestyle for success



I have just received a new shipment from Apex Energetics and they are all decontaminated and ready to go! A key differentiator with Apex supplements are their liposomal delivery mechanisms and the unique combinations used in their products. Check out the Apex Energetics website for full details on all of their formulas.


The Realist Me Way

A Unique Philosophy

The main force behind TheRealist.Me is a deep desire to help individuals realistically achieve their long-term diet and health goals. It is not about fad diets, intense exercise regimes or starving yourself but instead about making small, simple steps in all areas of your life. Whether you are desperate for more energy, trying to reduce the symptoms of your autoimmune disease or simply trying to break that sugar habit, TheRealist.Me will work with you to find what works for you. Using both Juice Therapy and Health Coaching, programs will be tailor made to help you reach your goals.

Bowl of Grains


60-90 minute deep dive


On the Scales


3 month 1-2-1 
via Phone/Video call


Green Goodness


3 month 1-2-1

in person, in our lab


What can I help with?

As a health guru focused on autoimmune with qualifications in Health Coaching, Juice Therapy, Gut Health, Hormone Health and soon to be Brain Health I can help you with:

  • managing your autoimmune disease

  • boosting your immune system

  • reducing inflammation

  • gaining energy

  • reducing stress

  • getting a good nights sleep

  • improve your memory 

  • finding your trigger foods

  • quitting sugar for good

  • losing weight

  • staying sane during self-isolation


I am now affiliated and able to recommend and supply tailored Apex Energetics supplement plans to any of my clients where appropriate. In addition to their great practitioner only supplied products, this gives TheRealist.Me access to a network of doctors to refer more complex cases for a second opinion. Their advanced liposomal delivery mechanism and cutting edge formulas focus on boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation, optimizing gut health and supporting the cardiovascular system.

Covid-19 Update

Wow! What crazy times we now live in. The world as we know it, has changed forever. Keeping up to date on all things Covid-19 is one of my priorities. Amongst the ever changing reports it is hard to keep abreast of the real facts, but what we do know is those with a stronger immune system and low levels of inflammation fair better than average. My recommended supplements to tip the odds in your favor of becoming 'better than average' will be discussed in details on my COVID-19 page - and I will let you know on the Facebook page when it is live!

My top 3 simple supplements to boost your immune system:

In high doses, Vit C has been shown to reduce the severity and duration of symptoms for viruses, but standard formulations can cause stomach upset.

Vit D the sunshine vitamin! #Stayhome means we are more likely than ever to be low on this, but correct dosing is critical, you can over dose on this

This exclusive supplement from Apex Labs is an advanced enzyme-based immune support formula perfect for those looking for a single pill to pop.

My top 3 advanced supplements to lower inflammation and boosting cellular energy:

Curcumin is my No.1 go to for lowering inflammation, it must be in high doses and needs a liposomal delivery to get through the stomach.

Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant.The micronized and emulsified structure in Resvero enhances bioavailability 

Glutathione boosts liver detoxification and helps balance the immune system. The 3 path ways in Trizomal is a breakthrough approach to bioavailability.


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"Whoever wants to reach a distant small goal must take many small steps"

Helmut Schmidt

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