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The pessimist is in denial about how bad their stress is

The optimist thinks the stress will go away and carries on regardless

The realist adjusts their lifestyle for success

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TheRealist.Me Way

A Unique Philosophy

The main force behind TheRealist.Me is a deep desire to help individuals realistically achieve their long-term health and wellness goals. It is not about fad diets, intense exercise regimes or starving yourself but instead about making small, simple steps in all areas of your life. Stress and anxiety can affect us all in many ways and we all have our own ways of managing the symptoms and preparing for the worst. TheRealist.Me will work with you to find what works best for you and support you through trying new tools and techniques without advising you to stop drinking, eating chocolate or whatever it is that you love. All programs are tailor-made because we are all unique.

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Do you have...
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  • low energy

  • headaches

  • high blood pressure

  • upset stomach (diarrhea, constipation, nausea)

  • aches, pains, tension in muscles

  • rapid heart beat

  • insomnia, trouble falling or staying asleep

  • frequent colds and illnesses

  • loss of sexual desire

  • weight gain/weight loss

  • a diagnosis of stress or anxiety from a medical professional?

If so, TheRealist.Me can help!

All of these are symptoms of stress. You may have a few of these or you may have them all and you may even have some that are not listed. My job as a Health Coach is to guide you to make lifestyle changes to help reduce these symptoms, to gain the energy you need to bring harmony to your life-work balance. I can also work with your doctor and/or psychotherapist to help you make lasting changes to give you your life back and bring focus back to your personal and family time.


I am now affiliated and able to recommend and supply tailored Apex Energetics supplement plans to any of my clients where appropriate. In addition to their great practitioner-only supplied products, this gives TheRealist.Me access to a network of doctors to refer more complex cases for a second opinion. Their advanced liposomal delivery mechanism and cutting edge formulas focus on boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation, optimizing gut health and supporting the cardiovascular system.

"Wellness goes far beyond diet and exercise, it also requires mental health and resilience, which Louise helped me fortify during a stressful period in my life. 2020 brought a worldwide pandemic, a full house renovation, a heavy client load, preparing and taking a board exam. The first thing to go was my self-care and sanity, which lead to uncontrolled anxiety. Thank you to Louise, she helped me carve out time for self-care so that I could preserve my energy. She challenged my limiting beliefs and helped me replace them with empowering beliefs. Louise held me accountable to myself and she always believed in me. It is awesome to have a coach who can see you for who you really are and all that you are capable of achieving, especially when you have lost sight of your own abilities." Cristen, Virginia

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Choose the best package for you:


90-minute deep dive

Forest Trees


8, 1-to-1 
Zoom calls in 12 weeks

Mountains Meet Lake


3 month 1-to-1

in person, in our lab


Get in Touch

Please don't hesitate to send me an email if you have any questions. The section buttons above will take you to the 'Services' page which has more information on what options are available to you. Currently consultations are offered by Zoom and are not available in person, although if you are local to Tahoe come along to an in-person group Nature Coaching session starting June 15th.

The Realist.Me offers a free 45-minute discovery session. During this call we will review your health history and discuss your goals and there will also be plenty of time for questions.

The link below will take you to Calendly to set up your free call!

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"Whoever wants to reach a distant small goal must take many small steps"

Helmut Schmidt

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