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Woman Alone in Forest

Tahoe Nature Coaching

"There's no wifi in the forest, but I promise you'll get a better connection." Unknown

Get in touch with nature, yourself and others with Nature Coaching here in Tahoe

Nature Coaching Sessions will NOT go ahead during unhealthy air conditions. Please sign up via email to get status notifications or come back here to check the status of the session before you leave home

Nature coaching is a combination of life coaching and Forest Bathing/Forest Therapy. This is not a typical therapy session - Nature is the therapist and TheRealist.Me will be your guide. Nature Coaching is a type of connection and relaxation involving spending time outdoors in nature to promote health and well-being. It combines various techniques from the world of coaching and shinrin-yoku (forest bathing) including mindfulness, grounding, sit spots and group coaching. The aim is a greater awareness of the world and others around you, whilst getting the health benefit of being out in nature, and of course greater connection with nature, yourself and others. 


In this stressful, Zoom-heavy world with never ending to-do lists, we need to carve out time for ourselves, to boost our energy levels and find balance, freedom and connection in our lives. Lets slow down, get focused and grounded, and let Nature be your therapist.


Some benefits of Nature coaching:

Lower heart rate

Reduced heart rate

Lower cortisol

Boost to your immune system

Stimulates creative thinking

Increases self-esteem

Improves concentration

Improved mood


Upcoming Events 

Mt Rose

Aug 22nd 9:00 am

Mt Rose

Aug 29th 9:00am 

Incline Village

Sept 14th 4:30pm

Mt. Rose

Sept 19th 9:00am

Not on MeetUp? Email me to find out more and reserve your space:

  • Is this just the same as going on a hike?
    Hiking is often about reaching a destination (a waterfall, great view, or just getting to point B), socialising with your friends, beating your fastest time or going a further distance, or zoning out whilst listening to your favorite podcast. Nature Coaching is about connecting with nature and with yourself. We will not walk far, so if you are not a hiker that is OK.
  • I am new to hiking, is that OK?"
    It sure is! Nature Coaching is not about how far we go and everyone is welcome whether you are an experienced hiker or are new.
  • What do I need to bring?
    Come prepared, we are in Tahoe after all! Bring water, sun screen, a waterproof, a hat and a pen. If you have a favorite journal then bring that too, if not I will provide paper. There may be other items too so make sure to read the event description. I also advise wearing some shoes that are easy to take off – so not your high hiking boots with rows and rows of laces. If you are not able to sit on the floor/rock/tree stump, please bring something you can sit on such as a chair, yoga mat or towel. We will not be walking far so you won’t have to carry it too far. It would also be great to have an intention or goal for the session to discuss on arrival.
  • How will I feel? Am I going to leave feeling full of awe and wonder?
    The simple answer to this is, I have no idea. Every event is different. What comes up for you will depend entirely on you. There is no right or wrong answer! There is no script for what you should experience or feel.
  • Can I not do this in my yard?
    You sure can! Nature Coaching is an open-ended practice so between meetups I highly recommend you find a spot anywhere there is a tree, a rock or just a patch of soil and continue what you have learned. It doesn’t have to be pretty or have an incredible view!
  • Is every event the same?
    No. On so many levels, they are not the same. How we feel varies from one hour to the next, the exercises we do vary from one event to another, as well as the locations changing in order to make it available to as many people as possible. Just how the same yoga poses can feel different and put in a different sequence, or every time you have a salad you add different ingredients or how every time you look at the lake it is always different dependiong on where you are, time of day and even how you feel. I highly recommend you come along to more than one and try it out for yourself!
  • Do I have to hug a tree?
    These coaching sessions are available to anyone and everyone. Depending on the sructure that day, there may be an invitation at some point to wander and do what feels right to you in that moment. You can hug a tree if you want, or you can not a hug a tree. You do not have to ‘do’ anything, let nature and your body be your guide.
  • Can I bring my dog?
    In order for the group to focus on themselves and the environment around them i do ask for the dog to stay at home. If there is enough interest, then I may do a session with dogs in August. Whilst I understand the healing benefits of dogs, the focus of these events is on the healing benefits of nature.
  • Can I bring 20 of my class mates?
    The group sizes are limited to 8 for the meetups for them to be most efficient. This allows everyone the opportunity to speak should they want to do so. I will happily do larger groups privately, but the duration will be longer for big groups.
  • How do I get more information about a specific event?
    The quickest way is to email me: I am happy to accept event sign ups via email too - you do not have to be on Meetup in order to join in.
  • Do you do private groups?
    Yes! I carry out corporate days and half days as well as private groups for those with large numbers or visiting Tahoe for a brief time. The opptions are endless so please get in touch to see what I can do for you
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